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Hot Spots Swimsuit Showcase

The Ultimate Picnic

Holly’s Travel Bureau

Ways to get wet / Ways to get dry Showcases

Fun in the sun / Fun in the shade Showcases

Way’s to get wet – April Fool’s 1988

Week-end Plans

3 Cheerleaders Showcases

Rod’s Makeover

Surfin’ Swimsuit Trio

Life at the Beach

TPiR Cheerleaders

A taste of Hawaii

Fun ways to get wet (1987)

The Talk-Show Showcase

Showcase for all seasons

Johnny’s Schoolhouse

Grannie Jannie

French Maids Showcases

Camp Bel-Air Showcase

Dian and Janice’s Grudge Match

Dian’s Health Spa (1979)

When the temperature drops Showcase

Rock Concert Showcase (1984)