the price is right models videos

Janice Pennington

Janice and her great cleavage!

Ways to get wet / Ways to get dry Showcases

Fun in the sun / Fun in the shade Showcases

Way’s to get wet – April Fool’s 1988

Week-end Plans

3 Cheerleaders Showcases

Rod’s Makeover

Janice Pennington 8

Life at the Beach

TPiR Cheerleaders

Fun ways to get wet (1987)

The Talk-Show Showcase

Showcase for all seasons

Johnny’s Schoolhouse

Grannie Jannie

French Maids Showcases

Camp Bel-Air Showcase

Dian and Janice’s Grudge Match

Dian’s Health Spa (1979)

When the temperature drops Showcase

Rock Concert Showcase (1984)

Rare 1975 Bikini Showcase

Dian the Exercise Instructor

Salute to the Coast Guard showcase (1999)