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Kathleen Bradley Strips

Janice and her great cleavage!

Shy Chantel

Shane Stirling 11

Rachel Reynolds 19

Nikki Ziering on ET

Kathleen Bradley 28

Chantel Dubay 22

Dian Parkinson 38

The Ultimate Picnic

Ways to get wet w/Dian’s Black Swimsuit

Holly’s Travel Bureau

Ways to get wet / Ways to get dry Showcases

Fun in the sun / Fun in the shade Showcases

Way’s to get wet – April Fool’s 1988

Week-end Plans

3 Cheerleaders Showcases

Rod’s Makeover

Kathleen Bradley 27

Janice Pennington 8

Holly Hallstrom 12

Holly Hallstrom 11

Dian Parkinson 37

Dian Parkinson 36